‘What Happens If My New House Isn’t Ready?’

When moving out of your old home, it’s important to be certain that you have a new home you can move into.

In some cases, however, when the NYC movers pull up in front of your new home, it’s not possible to move in right away. This can be because the previous residents have not yet moved out, because renovations have not been completed, or many other reasons.

So what happens then? Are you temporarily homeless?

What to Do Next

If you arrive at your new home and you unexpectedly can’t move in, the first thing to do is to find out what’s the problem. If the former owners of the home are still residing in the house, ask them when they are planning to move out and when you can move your stuff in.

If there is a problem — such as the former residents refuse to move — don’t try to handle it yourself. Just call the police or the local sheriff and let them handle it. After all, that’s their job.

Be prepared by having all of your closing paperwork with you so you can prove that you are entitled to take ownership and residency of the home on the date of your arrival.

Where to Go

In the meantime, if you aren’t able to go back to your old home — probably because the people you sold it to are already in it — you may have to temporarily check into a hotel or motel, or see if there are relatives or friends that you can stay with for a short time.

But what about all of your belongings? Depending on how long it may take for you to gain access to your new home, you might consider renting a storage locker to store your stuff until you are finally ready to move in.

Save all the receipts from your hotel stay, your storage locker, and any other costs you may have incurred. It’s possible that you can get reimbursed for these by the people who are responsible for your temporary homelessness.