Ways to Ease the Trauma of Moving for Kids

Home-20Moving can be a traumatic experience for anybody, but especially for children.  They may have lived their entire lives in your current home, so pulling up stakes and having movers move you to a new home can cause them anxiety, frustration and feelings of powerlessness.

Children usually don’t have any input in the decision to move, but parents can help ease the transition by including them in as many other decisions as possible.

Here, then, are some tips for making children feel more comfortable with your decision to move to a new home:

  • Include Them in Choosing a New Home — If it’s practical, take your children along with you as you tour prospective new homes. Ask their opinion and show an interest in what they have to say. If they can’t tag along, at least ask them what qualities they would like in your new home — their own bedroom or a backyard, for example — and try to find a place that includes these features.
  • Let Them Have Input on Their Own Room’s Design — Like anybody else, children need their own space. You can help them feel more comfortable in your new home by letting them play a part in designing their own room. Give them color options or wallpaper samples to choose from. Encourage them to personalize their room with their favorite posters or photos.
  • Create a “Treasure Box” — For very young children, you can make a special “treasure box” out of an old shoe box. Decorate it with stickers and markers and tell them to pack their favorite things inside of it. Then allow them to take it in the care with them during the move so they can keep it close.
  • Have a Going Away Party — Children need closure, just like adults. Ask them to invite their friends from their old home for one final afternoon of snacks and games.