Valuables That Shouldn’t Be Packed in the Moving Van

When you are moving to a new home, not everything you own belongs in the moving van.

For optimal security, some personal items, valuables and important documents should be kept with you at all times.

What Not to Pack

Your movers are trustworthy, so nothing is likely to happen to the items in the moving van between the time they are packed up at your old home and unpacked at your new one. But there are still some items where it simply doesn’t make sense to take any chances.

For example, anything that you moving from a safety deposit box or safe in your old home to your new place probably should stay with you the entire time. These include such things as financial documents, deeds, tax records, stock certificates, car titles, school records and cash.

Other Valuables

Other items that you probably want to keep with you during your move include car titles, cell phones, checkbooks, computer data files and backups, car keys, airline tickets, prescription medications, and insurance policies.

Valuables include jewelry and furs, laptop computers, smartphones and tablets.

Pack these items in a separate bag that you can carry with you as you move to your new home. You can bring it in the car with you if you are driving, or pack it into a carry-on bag if you are flying.

Ready to Move In

In addition to security, another reason not to pack these items is so that you will be ready to move into your new home the moment you arrive.

One of the most important things to keep with you are the keys to your new home so that you can get in if you arrive there before the movers.

Your move should be care-free and safe. If there are any personal items you can’t afford to get lost, stolen or broken, your best option is to move them yourself.