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Packing Tips

Keep the following packing materials handy:

  • All sizes of boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tissue paper
  • Pens / Markers
  • Masking tape
  • Inventory list (we provide one for our customers)
  • Colored labels
  • Measuring tape
  • Tools and box cutters

Label boxes as follows:

  • Each room should have its own color (e.g. yellow for the kitchen)
  • On every kitchen box, mark the number with a yellow marker
  • In your personal inventory, list “yellow” for kitchen
  • Number all boxes and list what they have in them. This way, you’ll know what’s in the box
  • Put “fragile” on appropriate boxes and put a fragile label on them
  • Mark boxes that will need right away, and put “load last”, since they will be the first ones to be unloaded

Prepare a suitcase for yourself with the following items:

  • Set of sheets, pillow, towel, face towel, toothpaste, tooth brush, razor, soap, underwear, pajamas, hair brush and some clothes
  • If you have children, include a few games and toys, books and personal items
  • Include juice boxes and crackers/cookies for before and after the move
  • Remember to take a first-aid kit and some band-aids with you
  • Take your personal items and jewelry with you

The easiest way to pack and unpack your belongings is to hire a moving company