Tips for Saving Money on your Next Move

Moving is never easy. And if you have a lot of stuff and/or are moving a long distance, it can become expensive.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your money decorating your new home rather than paying more for your move than you have to? If so, then consider these simple tips for saving money on your next move.

Money-Saving Moving Tips

If you are moving because of you or your spouse’s job, you absolutely should check and see if the employer requiring the move will cover all or some of your moving expense. Many companies budget for relocation of their workers. But if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Another way to save money is to research the cost of moving yourself versus hiring professional NY moving services. There is more to moving expenses than just truck rental and gas. You also need to calculate how much you will spend in lost time at work, breakage, and for the inconvenience of packing and unpacking everything yourself.

Once you take these costs into account, it’s often cheaper — not to mention safer and more convenient — to let the professional NY moving services handle the move.

Saving Money on Supplies

Whether you are moving yourself or having professional NY moving services take your stuff to your new home, one way to save big money is to find used boxes rather than buying them new, using them once, and throwing them away.

Most grocery stores, liquor stores and other places are more than happy for you to take some of their boxes off of their hands for nothing. Then all you need to invest in is some markers, some packing tape and you are ready to go!

Another way to save a few bucks — and even earn a few — is to move less stuff by holding a yard sale or garage sale before moving day. Get rid of anything you don’t need or want anymore. Then you can use the money to help pay for the NY moving services!