Special Care Required When Moving Musical Instruments

guitar playerAs one of the leading NYC movers, we’ve moved our share of musical instruments. So we know that they require special care and handling.

Throwing your favorite guitar or other musical instrument into a standard moving box and hoping that it arrives at your destination in the same pristine condition isn’t a good strategy. Instead, additional steps are often necessary.

Moving Stringed Instruments

The tension on the strings of guitars, violins, banjos, mandolins and other musical instruments are affected by air pressure. So if you are moving a stringed instrument, it’s usually a good idea to loosen the tension beforehand — especially if the move will take the instrument over mountains or especially in an airplane.

Failing to loosen the tension on a stringed instrument prior to moving it can result in strings snapping during transport. So when you open the box or case containing your instrument while unpacking, you may be disappointed to discover that it can’t immediately be played until the strings are replaced.

Delicate Instruments

Other musical instruments are delicate or require special handling while being moved. Any type of brass instrument — or wind or reed instrument — should always be moved in a padded case.

This is true even when the instrument isn’t traveling in a moving van. If you have a musical instrument, you need to take care and precaution whenever you transport it because even the slightest dent or ding can effect its sound.

Moving Pianos

Pianos, organs, and other bulky musical instruments also require a lot of special handling. To protect the exterior surface and the delicate interior works, additional padding and crating is often used to prevent dents and dings during transport.

Moving musical instruments requires the kind of specialized expertise that comes with experience. That’s why we are one of the leading NYC movers you can trust with your musical instruments: We’ll get it where it needs to go in as good a shape as it was when you packed it.