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Local Movers

Is considered local change, the change that takes place within a radius of up to 100 miles from the source address to the destination end. Changes within the same State, up to 99 miles, are considered Interstate changes, as well as, those who pass the limits of the State.


A local change is charged per hour, according to the number of persons necessary to perform the service.


There are some ways you can pack your change.
You can do all the packaging (of yourself), hire the company to pack only a few items (partial pack), or use the help of professionals to pack the total change (full pack).
If you choose to make its packaging, it is important to know that the company is not responsible for items packed by the customer in the case of malfunctions.


Make it clear all the details of your change, because every detail is not explained at the time of closing the contract, may generate additional charges later.
How to: number of stairs, away from the truck to the door of your House, as well as, truck access and schedule of work permitted by the condominium or town to work.
If possible, always request a visit from a salesperson on site, before closing a contract.