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Internacional Moving

We help you and your family with what we call “pre-move planning”; in other words, we will help you throughout the process, from our initial contact until your arrival in your new country. We have over 2,000 highly qualified agents in 165 countries worldwide to cover all of your needs.

Find out more about the types of services offered in International Moving.

Door-to-Door – always the best option!

By choosing Door-to-Door services, we will take care of the entire moving process.

Internacional Moving

Internacional Moving

Exclusive Moving
As the name implies, this means that your move will ship in an exclusive container, with Fastway’s five-star service.

Consolidated Moving
This door-to-door service is where customers only pay for the space that they occupy in the container.

Consolidated moving is for people who are not shipping enough things to fill an entire container (exclusive), but still want Fastway’s five-star service. You will have complete service, with all of your goods packed, transported, and delivered with quality and at a low cost, without any waste.

Fastway always has the RIGHT option for your needs!