Make Repairs Before Moving into Your New Home

The timing of moving services can be tricky. You have to coordinate vacating your new home, moving all your stuff to your new place, and taking possession your new house all within a very small window, usually just a few days.

In some cases, however, having a few days between the time you can get into your new home and the time your furnishings and other boxes of stuff arrive is a blessing. That’s because you can use this time to make any necessary repairs or improvements to you new house before it gets cluttered with all of your belongings.

Work While You Can

If you are able to get into your new house a couple of days — or even a week or two — before you have to physically move all your stuff in, it’s the perfect time to replace windows, refinish floors, install new appliances, paint and do other minor improvement projects that will be more difficult once the house is filled with people and things.

That mean the first thing you should move into your new home is your toolbox. You also will probably want to scope out the location of the closest home improvement store because you probably will be making frequent trips there as you get your new home ready.

Prioritize Projects

Time probably will be limited, to have a game plan that includes all of the projects you want to get done. Prioritize the projects so that the biggest and most disruptive ones get done first. That way you can save the smaller, less intrusive projects for after you and your family have already moved in.

Critical projects include heating and air conditioning, electrical upgrades or repairs, and anything that involves moving, repairing or  removing walls or ceilings. These types of jobs can’t be done effectively when other people are around.