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Photographing Your Belongings Protects You and Your Movers

contact-03Whether you are moving across town or across the country, moving can be a traumatic experience. Anytime you pack up your belongings one one end and then unpack them on the other, there is the possibility of them becoming dinged or damaged.

One of the advantages of affordable smart phones, tablets and other portable devices is that practically all of them come with built in cameras, many of which take high definition photos. Plus, digital storage allows you to take hundreds — or even thousands — of photos and store them for free right on your device.

Before and After

Taking photos of your possessions before and after your moving company transports them to their new location protects both you and your movers. Here’s what you should do:

  • As you pack each object into its moving box or crate, snap a quick photo of it.
  • Shoot the object from as many angles as necessary.
  • Don’t worry about lighting or focusing. Most digital cameras will automatically make adjustments so your photo is practically perfect.
  • Keep a written inventory on your tablet, laptop or even a paper notebook of what is going into each box or crate as you load it. If you want, you can print out an inventory sheet for each box and tape it to the exterior or pack it inside.
  • As you unpack each object, compare it to the photo that you took when you were packing it. If there is any damage, snap a quick “after” photo so that you have a record you can bring if you need to make a claim.

Both Parties Protected

Most moving companies are insured and bonded. So if there is legitimate damage to your property, having a “before and after” photographic record can be very be helpful in resolving any disputes. That way, both  your and your moving company are protected!

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