Moving During the Holidays

holiday giftsMoving is never easy or convenient. But there’s no time of the year that is more complicated for moving than during the holidays.

While everybody else is decorating their Christmas tree or shopping for holiday presents, you are stuck packing up cardboard boxes, wrapping up your belongings, and preparing to ship everything you own to an entirely new location — often when the wintry weather is at its worst.

Benefits of Holiday Moving

But moving doesn’t have to spoil your holidays. In fact, there are some unexpected benefits to moving during the holiday season.

First, if you time it right, you can celebrate in your new home, breaking it in with good times, good food, and good friends. Before you unpack all of your belongings, festoon your home with holiday decorations and host the biggest and best holiday party your family and friends have ever seen.

The holidays are also the perfect time to say goodbye to your old home. Relive old memories and rekindle your favorite holiday experiences one last time before finally leaving your old place for good.

A Special Holiday Surprise

One way to ease the transition of moving into a new home for young children is to make it a special holiday surprise.

Arrange to get into your new house before the movers arrive and set up your Christmas tree, along with a few of your favorite holiday decorations. Then leave a few of your children’s gifts under the tree for them to discover the moment they enter their new home.

There’s no better way to make children feel comfortable in their new surroundings than to give them the magic of Christmas morning when they arrive in their new house for the first time. It’s a special kind of holiday magic they will cherish and remember forever.

Moving during the holidays isn’t easy, but with a little planning and a celebratory holiday attitude, it actually can be fun and exciting.