Nesting: Ways to Settle into Your New Home

When all of your things have been unloaded and your New Jersey movers have driven off into the sunset, your new life in your new home is just beginning.

Moving into a new space can be disorienting. You are accustomed to the way things were in your old place — where everything went, the way the furniture was arranged, even the daily habits you followed when you woke up each morning.

Starting Over

Now all those things are gone and you are left to recreate a whole new life for yourself and your family.

One of the best ways to begin is through “nesting”. This is a term that refers to building a home for yourself and your family in the same way birds build new nests for themselves each spring.

In most cases, you won’t physically build a new home. After all, you just purchased a perfectly fine house. But a home is much more than just the walls and a roof. It’s made up of the things you fill it with, both the physical things and the memories.

Clean as You Go

Start with the physical things. Even though most of the things you moved to your new home probably were clean when you packed them away, travelling has a tendency to get things dirty and dusty. As you unpack your belongings, wipe them clean before putting them where they belong.

Wash all of your clothes in your new washer and dryer so you can put them away cleaned and folded neatly. This will help give you a fresh start in your new place.

Go to the grocery store and fill up your cabinets with the essentials. Then make a big, celebratory dinner for you and your family. Moving is a big deal, so you deserve it

Nest Building

Finally, start building those important memories that will make your new home meaningful to you. Take the time to spend more time with your family. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and start the process of becoming more involved in your new community.

Pretty soon, your new nest will be as comfortable as your old one.