New Neighborhood, New Rules

When people move to a new home, they often assume that the local rules and regulations in their new place are the same as at their old place. But as experienced NYC movers, we can tell you that every place is different.

And most homeowners often don’t realize this until they get a ticket for illegal parking on their new street or for violating some other local bylaw.

So how can you tell what’s kosher and what’s not in your new neighborhood? Here are few suggestions you can use to find out.

Go Online

One of the first places to go to find out about your new area — even before you move there — is the Internet.

Look for government websites that contain information about your city, borough or even neighborhood rules, such as when is garbage pickup, street cleaning, and parking enforcement.

Walk Around

Another option is simply to take a stroll around your neighborhood and look around. Where are the “No Parking” signs? Are there restrictions on what time and which days you can park in certain areas? What do the parking patterns look like where you are going to live — ie. when are people coming and going most often?

Pay attention to what your neighbors do as well. For example, do they bring their garbage cans to the curb or leave them on their driveway? What are the recycling rules in your new neighborhood?

Get to Know Your New Neighbors

Often, asking questions about local rules and regulations is a great way to break the ice with your new neighbors. People love it when you make them feel like they are experts or being helpful in any way.

Introduce yourself to your new neighbors by asking about mail delivery, garbage pickup, utility services, and other universal issues. You can then build your relationship with them so you can get to be friends over time.