Not Everything Needs to Go in the Moving Van

When moving into a new home, most of your personal belongings will be packed up and moved by your NYC movers from your old place.

This type of convenient, affordable moving plan is the most efficient way to settling into your new place with the least amount of hassle.

But you still have to live your life, even when you are transitioning into a new home. So there are certain things that you probably are going to want to keep with you while the rest of your stuff is packed up and moved on the moving van.

What You Need to Keep

During your move, you are still going to need to keep in touch with others. So you want to make sure you hold onto your smartphone so you can make whatever calls you need to coordinate your landing in your new space.

It’s also a good idea to keep your laptop and tablet with you during the move so you can access the Internet while en route. Or, at the very least, you can use these devices to stream music, TV shows and movies so you can keep entertained as you travel.

Don’t forget to bring chargers for these devices with you so you don’t lose power mid-move. You probably also will need to have a car charger so you can keep them fully powered while on the road.

Financial Requirements

Hold onto your credit cards, check book and cash so that you have money to spend as you travel to your new home.

Food for Thought

You’re bound to get hungry along the way. So make sure you pack some healthy snacks for everyone in the whole family, including any pets you are bringing with you in your vehicle.

Having a cooler filled with chilled bottled water, juices, and other refreshing beverages also is a great idea.

To make your move go as smooth as possible, don’t pack everything on the moving van. Keep the essentials with you at all times.