Moving Tips All New Yorkers Should Know

contact-03Moving to New York City city can be a frustrating experience, especially the first time. Even moving within the city, from borough to borough, can be tough. But that’s what makes New Yorkers different from everybody else: We can take it!

NYC Moving Tips

Here, then, are some specialized tips for moving that apply exclusively to moving into or out of New York City:

  • If you are moving your child into a dorm at one of the city’s many universities — such as NYU in Greenwich Village or Fordham University in the Bronx — check with the school’s admissions department beforehand for any special instructions. Typically, schools will designate special drop off and loading zones to make the move more convenient for the thousands of students who are moving in and out at the same time.
  • Tolls heading into Manhattan are expensive, sometimes upwards of $5 each time your cross a bridge or travel through a tunnel. But, remember, you only have to pay tolls when you are going into the city, not leaving it. To keep your moving expenses down, try to schedule as few inbound trips on bridges or tunnels as possible.
  • Parking in the city can be chaotic, especially in the most crowded areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Before moving day, scout out the location where you will be moving to figure out where you are going to park your moving van as you unload it. If you are moving into an apartment or condo, ask the super or building manager if there is a designated parking area for moving vans. In many instances, there is.
  • Outsiders think of New York as a crime-ridding city full of muggers and thieves. Obviously, this is not the case. Still, it’s a good idea not to tempt fate when moving into your new home. Make sure you securely lock your moving van or other vehicle whenever you are not physically with it. You don’t want your personal belongings to “walk away” while you are not around.

Most importantly, enjoy your new home. Celebrate your move to the Big Apple with a New York style pizza or one of the city’s other specialty items.

Welcome to New York! We’re glad you’re here!