Moving Tips on Using a Hand Truck

hand truckAs professional NYC movers, we use all the tools of the trade to make your move go smoothly, efficiently and as quickly as possible.

There are two primary tools that we use everyday: The hand truck and the furniture dolly.

How to Use a Hand Truck

A hand truck essentially is a two-wheeled platform with a pair of long vertical handles. It is ideal for picking up stacks of boxes or large, stationary objects such as refrigerators or other appliances.

The hand truck uses the center of gravity to enable the easy movement of heavy objects. The way it works is this: You simply tilt the object or objects you want to move then slip the flat platform of the bottom of the hand truck underneath.

Then you simply use your body weight and gravity to tip the hand truck so that the load is balanced over its two wheels. Once the center of gravity is above the wheels, moving the object or objects while balancing the load is easy.

Types of Hand Trucks

Most hand trucks are made of durable materials such as steel and have either solid or inflatable wheels. Solid wheels are good for moving across flat, relatively stable surfaces, but inflatable wheels are ideal for moving loads up and down curbs, stairs, and other obstacles.

Be cautious of inexpensive hand trucks made of aluminum, plastic, or cheap, thin metal piping. These aren’t designed to carry heavy loads and can easily break if overloaded.

Furniture Dollies

The other piece of equipment we use frequently is the furniture dolly. This essentially is a four-wheeled cart with a set of two to four support beams

As the name implies, the furniture dolly is used primarily to move heavy furniture. It can be fit underneath a sofa, chair, or entertainment center so that the heavy item can easily be wheeled wherever you would like it to go.

The combination of the hand truck and furniture dolly accounts for probably 90% of all the moving we do.