Moving Tips for Getting Your Home Packed

Movers NYCPreparing for a move can be exciting, but there are details and tasks to be completed. This includes packing up your prized possessions. Movers in NYC helps thousands of homeowners pack up and move and have come up with a few suggestions that could make your move easier.

If you are planning a move soon, consider these moving tips from Fastway Movers.

House Cleaning Recommendations

The very first step that you should take is to throw out old stuff and clean your house. Fastway Movers has seen this multiple times. As you begin packing your items, you may realize that you do not need to keep everything. Instead of waiting until you start packing, start sorting through your possessions as soon as possible.

Go through your entire house – cleaning and organizing every room. Fill boxes with clothes and other items that you do not need any more. This will cut down on your packing before you even get started with your move.

Boxes and Supplies Purchasing Suggestions

The next step is to purchase packing boxes and supplies. Fastway movers can box your items for you, but if you prefer to do this step on your own, you will need certain supplies. Purchase boxes, packaging tape, labels, and a couple black magic markers.

As you start packing, place heavy objects in smaller boxes and use larger boxes for lighter items – such as blankets. Dishes, silverware, and other fragile or heavy items should be placed in smaller boxes to make them easier to carry – this reduces the chances of dropping a box.

Remember these suggestions as you begin packing. If you have major appliances or other large items that require moving, you should leave it to the professional movers at Fastway. They have the tools and equipment to move these items without risk of injury or damage to the appliance. Do not throw your back out trying to move large items.

As a final suggestion from Fastway – make sure that you get started on your travel plans and packing arrangements as soon as possible.