Moving Jet Skis and Other Aquatic Vehicles

jet skiPeople in South Florida love the water. And why shouldn’t they? There are literally hundreds of miles of pristine beach land within an easy drive of wherever they live.

So one of the most common questions we get from people moving to a new home in South Florida is how to move their jet skis, speed boats, and other larger aquatic vehicles.

Boats and jet skis aren’t something you can load into a moving truck. So special care often needs to be taken to make sure these vehicles get to their new home safely and securely.

Tow Trailers

The most common way to move a boat, jet ski, or other large aquatic vessels is the same way you get it into the water: A tow trailer.

Most boats and other water vessels include the tow trailer as part of the purchase. In fact, if you are buying a boat or other vessel and the seller doesn’t include a tow trailer, you may want to think twice about the purchase. After all, how are you going to get it around?

Our Van Or Yours?

When you already have a two trailer, the other question is who is actually going to move the vessel? The answer depends on the size of the vessel and how far it is going.

A pair of jet skis secured to a tow trailer can easily be linked to the back of a moving van, in most cases. But bigger sized boats require a little extra effort.

There are laws regulating what sized vehicle can pull a boat carrying a trailer. Generally, moving vans don’t provide enough sight lines and turning radius to safely transport larger boats.

You may need to tow your boat to your new home using your own truck. Or, if it’s a large enough vessel, you may need a separate truck to load your boat on for transport. Or simply arrange to have it driven to your new location over the water.