Moving? Don’t Forget to Change Your Address

contact-02If you are moving to a new home or changing locations for your business, you have a lot of things to worry about. But one item that should definitely be on your “To Do” is to remember to fill out a change of address form at your local post office.

Making sure that your post office has a record of your new address will ensure that you keep receiving your mail without interruption. Letters and packages sent to your old address will automatically be rerouted to your new address, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

A Simple Process

The US Postal Services change of address form can be found at any post office and takes only a few minutes to fill out. Once you have completed the form by listing your old address, your new address, the effective date, and a few other bits of information, you can either turn it in to the postal clerk or take it home to fill it out and drop it in any mailbox later. Now you can even fill out the change of address form online, making it even more convenient to let the postal service know when to start rerouting your mail.

Other to Notify

The postal service will automatically start sending mail sent to your old address to your new location on the date that you specify for moving, but you will still need to notify other parties individually. These include:

  • Your Employer — Stop by your Human Resources department and let them know you are moving. Usually, they have a simple form for you to fill out to make the change.
  • Your Bank — Your home or business address will need to be changed on your bank accounts and on your checks.
  • Credit Card Companies — Typically, there is a change of address form printed on the back of the payment coupon for many credit card companies. Simply add your new address then next time you pay your bill and your new bills will be sent to the correct location.
  • Utility Companies — You will need to notify the water, gas, electric, cable and telephone companies when ou are moving so they can turn off your service and send your final bill to your new address.
  • Schools — If you are moving from one school district to another, you will need to stop by your children’s school to fill out the appropriate forms. If you are moving within the same school district, the school will still need to have your new address.

Essentially anybody who sent mail to your old address will need to be informed that you have moved. This includes your doctors, your insurance carriers, alumni associations, any magazines or newspapers you subscribe to, and even your friends and family.

Easier than Ever

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet notifying people of your new address is a lot simpler than it used to be. You can send out a group email to your family, friends and acquaintances and visit the websites of many businesses that you use to let them know your new address.