New Jersey Movers Requires Special Care

slide-3.jpgPacking musical instruments for long-distance New Jersey Movers is different than moving a sofa or a box of clothes. It requires special care so that the instrument isn’t damaged or destroyed by movers.

For example, guitar strings are sensitive to air pressure. So unless you loosen the strings before packing your guitar away before the movers arrive, they could tighten and break when being driven over high elevations in the mountains or down into valleys. Tightened strings also can put pressures on the bridge and other parts of the guitar.

Packing Pianos for Movers

Moving a piano is never easy, especially if there are stairs involved. Your best bet is to rely on professional New Jersey Movers to move your piano up or down stairs. Trying to stop a runaway piano is not something that should be on your bucket list.


Before the NJ Movers arrive, it’s a good idea to measure your piano to make sure it will fit through the doorway. If it won’t you may need to either disassemble the piano or move it another way, such as removing a picture window.

Before your piano is placed in the moving van, make sure the keyboard lid is locked and secured and that padding is added to exterior surfaces to prevent bumps and bruises during transit.

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Moving Other Musical Instruments

Many musical instruments have protective cases that can help keep them safe during moves. Add additional protection by placing the instrument’s hard case inside a sturdy moving box then pad the box with crushed packing paper or packing peanuts for a more snug fit.

Tape musical instrument cases shut or wrap them in protective bubble wrap before the Movers arrive.

When the instrument is loaded onto the moving van, ask the New Jersey Movers to secure it and be careful not to place any heavy objects on top of it.

When the NJ Movers arrive at your destination, allow the instrument to come to room temperature before removing it from its case and playing it.