How to Move Your Car When You Move to a New Home

Moving a car or multiple cars to a new home is often more complicated than many homeowners realize.

If you are moving a long distance or are moving with more than one car, it may not always be practical to simply drive your car to your new home. Driving cross-country takes time and not everybody can afford to take several days or a week or more for their move.

Move or Sell?

If it’s inconvenient or impractical for you to move one or more cars to your new home — or if you won’t need your car once you move, such as moving into a busy urban area — you might consider simply selling your car.

If you can get top dollar for your car, you can use that money to buy a new car once you settle into your new home. Or, if you won’t need your car in your new place, you can use that money to offset the cost of your move or for other expenses related to your new home.

In some instances, bringing your car with you to your new home may be problematic. For example, not all states have the same vehicle emissions requirements. If your car falls below the minimum standards for your new home state, you may be required to make costly upgrades or pay a penalty.

Options for Moving Your Car

If you decide to bring your car or vehicles with you, one option is to haver your New Jersey movers tow your car behind the van containing the rest of your household goods. That way you can be sure your car will arrive intact with all your other stuff.

Or your New Jersey movers can recommend a professional auto moving service that specializes in transporting vehicles to new locations. How much this will cost will depend on how far you are moving, the weight of your vehicle, and other factors.

In the end, it’s a good idea to consider which arrangements you need to make regarding your car or cars before moving day.