Miami Movers FL – What to Unpack First?

Interior modern bedroomNo matter where you move or how much or how little stuff you have, moving is a disruptive experience. For most people, the top priority after a move is to get settled into their new space.

But unpacking and putting away all of your belongings can be a time-consuming process.

Depending on how much stuff you have, it can take days or even weeks to complete.

Miami Movers FL — Prioritizing Your Unpacking

That’s why it pays to have a plan, one that begins while you are still packing up your belongings at your old place so that it pays off later when you are unpacking at your new home.

When filing moving boxes with your belongings and loading furniture and other bulky items into the moving van, it’s important to prioritize so that you can unpack the most essential items first.

Miami Movers FL — What You Need Right Away

All of your belongings can be organized into two basic groups: High priority items and low priority items.

High priority items are things you probably are going to need the very first night you spend in your new home. These can include things like your bed, pillows and sheets, and essential bathroom items like toilet paper, towels, toothpaste and soap.

Low priority items include anything you don’t necessarily need the first night. For example, do you really need to unpack your pots and pans first? You probably will be better off ordering out at least for a night or two until you can get settled.

Miami Movers FL — Unpacking

Once you have determined which of your belongings are high-priority, these are the ones you want to unpack and put away first. That way you will always have what you need beginning with the very first night you spend in your new home.