Miami Movers FL – Tips for Lightening Your Move

Moving from place to another is the perfect opportunity for getting rid of many of the things you have accumulated over the years that you don’t need or use anymore.

Your move will go smoother if you don’t bring a lot of unneeded junk into your new home. Instead, lighten your move by getting rid of these extra items so they don’t clutter up your new home.

Miami Movers FL – Sale! Sale! Sale!

One way to get rid of your unwanted or unneeded items so you don’t have to move them is to hold a garage sale, lawn sale, or estate sale. You also can earn a few extra bucks at the same time!

Pick a date that is at least a week or two before your scheduled move. Then mercilessly go through all of your belongings before packing them away to identify those items you absolutely don’t need.

Collect all these things and set them up on some tables or arrange them attractively on your driveway. Then all you need to do is post few signs, advertise your sale on Craigslist or on a flyer at your local grocery store, and wait for people to come to you!

Miami Movers FL – Maximizing Your Profits

Don’t be afraid to price the items you are selling a little higher than you think they are worth. You can always settle for less. That way your buyer thinks they are getting a better bargain while you still get the dual benefit of earning some cash while getting rid of stuff you don’t want to move anyway.

Want to earn even more money? Have your kids set up a lemonade stand at your garage sale or yard sale. That way, the whole family can get involved in making extra cash to help pay for your move.