Making a Fresh Start in Your New Home

One thing movers see all the time is people taking all the junk and clutter from their old home and moving it into their new home. Once everything has been unpacked and all the dust has settled, it’s often difficult to tell one place from the other.

Moving to a new house, condo or apartment is one of the few opportunities to make big changes in the way you live. You probably chose the furniture and other home goods you used in your old home to fit those specific spaces. Odds are they might not fit perfectly into your new space.

Avoid Big Purchases before Your Move

If you know you are going to be moving soon, you probably don’t want to make any major purchases — such as furniture, beds or appliances — unless you absolutely have to. Instead, save your money and your choices for when you get into your new space.

This way, you can match your decor with your new home, rather than trying to make something designed for one space fit another.

Let’s Go Shopping!

You also can make other changes when you move to help your new home seem like a fresh and exciting experience. For example, if you have been using the same dishes and glassware for a long time, why not sell it in a yard sale before you move and use the proceeds to buy brand new ones? Or get a little extra credit on your new mortgage for new furnishings?

Similarly, it probably will be a little depressing to unfold your worn, used area rugs on your brand new floor or hang the same old paintings on your new walls. Why not go on a shopping spree and buy new accessories for all or some of your new rooms?

If you are like most people, you probably won’t get the chance to start fresh like this too many more times in your life. Make the most of it by personalizing your new home with new furniture, rugs, artwork and other items.