How Long Should It Take to Move?

When it comes down to it, nobody likes to move. It’s inconvenient. It’s disruptive. And it can put everybody on edge.

Still, when you hire NYC movers to handle most of the packing, heaving lifting, and loading and unloading for you, moving is a lot less of a hassle. You can relax and let us worry about the hard stuff so you can focus on settling into your new home.

But how long does it take to move? And when can you finally expect your family to be completely adjusted to its new environment?

The answer to these questions depends on a lot of different factors.

Distance Matters

First of all, how far you are moving will have a huge effect on how long it will take to physically move your personal belongings into a new home.

For example, if you are moving across the street or a few blocks away, the entire move often can be completed with a single day or even a few hours.

If you are moving to the other side of the country or to a new home that is hundreds of miles away, obviously the move is going to take a lot longer. The longest residential move our movers have handled is about one week … and that was from New York City to Alaska!

Moving Overseas

And if you are moving overseas or to Hawaii, you probably are going to need to ship many of your personal belongings. So the move can take much, much longer. In some cases, it may be weeks before you have everything unpacked into your new home.

As far as adjusting, that’s more of a subjective matter. Some families that move frequently — such as the families of soldiers — are accustomed to settling down quickly.

Others who are moving for the first time could take a few weeks — or even a few months — before they feel completely comfortable in their new home.