Let the Professionals Unpack the Moving Van

Moving vanMany times when our movers arrive at our destination, the homeowners have already arrived before us and are anxiously waiting to unload the moving van.

While that’s certainly understandable — it’s natural for most people to want to get settled into their new home — it’s important that clients leave the heavy lifting and unloading of the moving van to the professionals.

There are a number of important reasons for this.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

Even though we pack the moving van with the utmost care and take every possible precaution to protect your belongings, it’s possible that the contents of the van may have shifted during the move to your new home.

The last thing anyone would want was for you to be crushed or injured by a heavy object that was imbalanced. Our movers are experienced at looking at a load and instantly seeing the potential trouble spots so that we can unpack the moving van safely without damaging any of your belongings — and without getting hurt.

We’re Paid to Do the Heavy Lifting

Another consideration is the weight of such things as your furnishings, loaded boxes, and so on. To put it bluntly: We’re paid to do the heavy lifting. We wouldn’t want you to pull a muscle, get a strain, or otherwise become injured when trying to lift an object or box that is too heavy.

We use specialized equipment and we have the experience in moving heavy loads that most people don’t. So leave the heavy lifting to us.

Liability Concerns

Finally, there are legal reasons for not allowing clients to unload the moving van themselves. Our moving company is liable for your belongings while they are in our possession during the move. So even though they are your belongings, we are the ones who are legally responsible for them.

The bottom line is we are happy and capable of unpacking your belongings safely and efficiently. We will get you unpacked as quickly as safety allows, so we appreciate your being patient.