Learning about Your New Neighborhood

street cleanerOne of the most important things you need to do first when moving into a new neighborhood is finding out the essential information you need to know about everyday services.

For example, what time does the mail normally arrive? Which day is trash picked up? Where do you need to leave your garbage cans? Does your neighborhood recycle? Which days are the streets cleaned?

News You Need to Know

All of these are essential information you need to know starting from the very first day your NYC movers deliver your property to your new home.

There are several ways to find out these important details. Perhaps the easiest is to ask the former inhabitants of the home.

Make a list of all the information you will need to know and then call or email the former occupants of your house and ask them to fill you in.

Other Options

If this isn’t an option, then you can ask your new neighbors for the information you need. This is often a good opportunity to get to know the people living near you.

People usually will be welcoming and helpful when you move into a new neighborhood. All you need to do is ask a few questions and your new neighbors will often be more than willing to fill you in with all the details you need. As an added bonus, you may make some new friends!

Contact the City or Borough

As a last resort, you can contact the city services directly or call your borough office. Some agencies even have websites you can visit to get the essential information you need.

Even a quick Google search can often connect you with the information you need — or at least point you in the right direction as to where to ask.

But there’s no substitute for the human touch. If possible, talk to the former residents, knock on your neighbors doors, and start building the relationships you will need to become a valued member of your new community.