‘I’m Moving to Hawaii, How Do I Get My Stuff There?’

A photo of Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

A photo of Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

Although it is part of the United States, Hawaii is the most isolated population center in the entire world. It’s closest neighbor, California, is 2,390 miles of ocean away.

So what happens when you have to move to Hawaii? How do you get all of your personal belongings there? Here are a few options:

Rent a Cargo Container

A cargo container can be moved by truck, rail or ship. So when you rent a cargo container, you only have to fill it with your personal belongings once at your home and it can travel all the way to Hawaii, where you can unpack it at your new home.

Today’s cargo containers are very sophisticated. They include sensors that allow you to monitor its temperature, humidity, and even whether its contents have shifted during its journey.

Ship Everything You Can

For smaller items, shipping via a carrier like UPS, FedEx or even the US Postal Service may make more sense. It’s often cheaper to let a carrier company transport your belongings than trying to move them yourself.

Plus, you can insure your shipments in case they are become lost or broken en route to your new home.

Simplify Your Life

Whether you are moving to all the way to Hawaii or just across town, moving to a new home offers an excellent opportunity to get rid of many of the belongings you have accumulated but never use.

Start by cleaning out your closet and bookshelves. Put together boxes of things you don’t use anymore that can be either sold or donated to a local charity. In some cases, charities will even come and pick these donations up so you don’t have to worry about transporting it yourself.

Once you arrive in your new home, there will be few things to unpack. There also will be more space so you can fill your new home with new memories.