Expert Movers Can Help Pack and Transport Fragile Items

Boston MoversWhen moving to a new home, you will likely have quite a few possessions to pack. Even after just a couple of years of living in the same place, you can accumulate a lot of stuff. Some of these items are probably fragile and require extra care.

If you want to avoid breaking any of your precious items, there are a few simple steps from Fastway Movers that you can follow.

Packing Plates

When packing plates, wrap each individual plate with bubble wrap. Secure a group of plates together with tape. Place paper between each group of plates and place them vertically in small to medium-sized boxes. Do not place too many plates in a single box. It is amazing how quickly a group of plates can become heavy.

Transporting Glasses

Extra caution should be used when transporting glasses. Wrap the glasses individually using packing paper. Place crumpled paper inside your packing boxes. Begin arranging your glasses in the box. Fill any empty space with additional crumpled paper. Make sure that you place heavier glasses towards the bottom of the box. Lighter glasses should go on top.

Packaging Pictures and Frames

If you have any pictures or frames to transport, you can use paper to wrap them. After wrapping the pictures in the paper, stack a group of pictures and arrange them vertically in a box. This is essentially the same process and packaging plates, except you are using packaging paper instead of bubble wrap.

Hiring Boston Movers to Package Your Possessions

If you are at all worried about damaging your possessions, you could contact Fastway Movers. They can handle every aspect of packing and transporting your items. They probably have more experience wrapping fragile items than you, which means that your items are in good hands.

When you have a lot of items to pack, it is easy to begin cutting corners during the packing of fragile items. Consider allowing professional Boston Movers deal with the task.