‘Do We Need to Switch Sports Teams When We Move?’

sportsSports team loyalties are serious business. When people become fans of a particular team, it can last a lifetime.

In some instance, being a fan of a baseball, football, basketball or hockey team can literally become part of who you are: People have been known to tattoo the logos of their favorite teams onto their bodies.

So when you move to another city, do you have to abandon your loyalty to your former hometown team and start rooting for the local team?

In a word: No.

Remaining a Lifelong Fan

If you were born and raised in New York, you are a New Yorker for life — even if you move to Florida, Southern California, or Timbuktu, for that matter.

The bonds we create to our favorite sports team growing up stay with us our entire lives, even if we don’t physically live near where they play.

Challenges of Staying a Fan

The biggest problem with staying loyal to your hometown team when you move to another city is that you can’t watch all of their games — at least not as easily.

Today, however, most fans have the option of buying a sports package that gives them access to every NBA, NFL, MLB, or NHL game played during the regular season.

You also can always go see your hometown play live when they travel to your new city to play the local team. Wear your team apparel and cheer for the visitors. You may be in the minority, but at least, you will be true to yourself!

Be a Fan of Your Life

When we cheer for our hometown team — whether we stay close to where we grew up or move to another city –we’re really cheering for who we are.

So go ahead and keep your team loyalty. You deserve it!