‘Do I Need to Move My Kitchen Appliances?

One question movers get asked a lot is whether homeowners can move their kitchen appliances along with the rest of their possessions.

The answer is that it’s up to the individual, but generally appliances are included in the price of the home. So if you have sold your home to somebody else, they probably are expecting the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and other kitchen appliances to be there when they move in.

Check the Sales Contract

If you aren’t sure, you can check with your realtor. Probably there’s a clause within the sales contract that stipulates which appliances should remain and which you can take.

An exception to this might be a second refrigerator which you have in your basement or garage. Usually this wouldn’t be covered under a “kitchen appliance” clause because it’s not technically located in your kitchen.

Make a Deal

If you really feel strongly about keeping your existing kitchen appliances, you can always reach out to the people to whom you sold your home and ask if you could make special arrangements.

For example, if the kitchen appliances were part of the home sale, perhaps you could offer to purchase new kitchen appliances to replace the ones you want to take with you.

Risky to Move

You may actually be better off leaving the kitchen appliances behind. That’s because they are difficult to move and are prone to breakage.

When new kitchen appliances are shipped, they are carefully packaged in padded boxes to prevent damage. But in most cases, the original boxes that your kitchen appliances were shipped in are long gone. So if you want your movers to take your kitchen appliances with you, you will either have to risk them becoming damaged or buy new boxes, which can be expensive.

One of the pleasures of moving into a new home is getting a fresh start. Leave the old kitchen appliances behind. If the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher in your new home are in bad shape, buy new ones.