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Philanthropy is the continual act of donating money and other goods to institutions or people that are engaged in socially worthy activities.

That’s how we view it! This is just one way of helping and guiding social development and change without relying on state intervention. Fastway, through its directors, gets more involved every day. We have been directly participating by helping hundreds of underprivileged families and organizations that are fighting to end hunger and illiteracy, providing access to education, culture, and social programs, and contributing to transform Brazil’s social reality. Learn a bit more about what we are trying to accomplish:

Grupo Sol

This social/political action is focused on the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, in the neighborhood of Praia do Futuro II / Caça e Pesca. It started with a group of women committed to contributing to the construction of a fairer society and has translated into a project for human promotion with services such as education, culture, leisure, and savings.


In conjunction with Goodwill in the U.S., we helped with the campaign to collect donations for the state of São Paulo, which was severely punished by heavy rains. We cannot forget the great help of the Brazilian community in the United States, in particular from the state of New Jersey.


After the earthquake that shook Haiti at the outset of 2010 leaving over 100,000 dead, Fastway, in a partnership with the Red Cross, created a donation-collection campaign that was a major success.

Defesa Civil

* Fastway Moving and/or its directors have no relationship with the non-profit organizations or projects above. We just try to do our part by helping those who need it.