Boston Movers – Tips for Moving with Infants and Toddlers

Portrait of happy mother and babyMoving can be a disruptive experience for everybody in your family, even for infants and toddlers who may not be wholly aware of what’s going on.

Babies and young children take their emotional cues from their parents. So if you are anxious and stressed out due to your move, you can expect your infant and toddlers to be as well.

Boston Movers — Preparing Young Children for the Move

Give children a lot of credit: Even if they aren’t able to talk or walk yet, they probably understand and absorb more than you realize.

So it’s important that you be straightforward and honest with even the youngest of children. Let them know well in advance of the move what is coming. As soon as you know that you are moving, don’t keep this information from your family. Share it with everybody.

Boston Movers — A Positive Move

Try to frame the move as something positive for your family. Talk about the benefits of your new home, especially if your children are going to get more space for themselves.

Explain why you are moving and your family’s life will be better as a result of the move.

But don’t discount or downplay the negative aspects of moving, such as having to get used to a new place, meeting new friends, and attending a new day care, preschool, or school.

Boston Movers — During the Move

It’s important for children to have the opportunity to say goodbye to their old home. This is true even for very young children who may not have lived there very long.

Being open, honest, and understanding about your children’s feelings will make the move easier and ultimately more successful.

Even infants and toddlers will be able to adjust more easily to their new home and feel more comfortable and well-adjusted during the move itself.