5 Tips for Making Your Move Stress-Free

uncooked cookies on baking trayMoving can be a stressful experience. Not only do you have to pack up all your belongings and move them into a new space, but there are a hundred little details to worry about.

Because we have helped hundreds of homeowners move into their new houses, at FastWay Moving we know a thing or two about helping take the frustration out of the moving experience.

Here, then, are five helpful tips to make your next move more worry-free:

Please Your Senses

Most new homes smell like either cleaning products, fresh paint, or both. Put your personal stamp on your new space by filling your new home with pleasing, inviting smells.

Bake a batch of homemade cookies to break in your new oven. Or light some candles scented with your favorite aroma.

Don’t Unpack Right Away

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to start unpacking everything the minute to get into your new house. What’s your hurry? You’ve got the rest of your lives to settle in.

Instead, unpack only the most essential items. Then spend the first day or two exploring your new area, introducing yourself to your neighbors, and generally settling into your new home. There will be plenty of time to put everything else away later.

Reward Your Helpers

If family, friends and others helped you with your move, reward them for their time and effort. Buy some pizzas and some refreshing drinks and christen you new space with a party.


The best time to paint walls put in new carpet, and do other redecorating projects is right now, while most of your stuff is still packed away in boxes.

Tackle the biggest projects first so they are out of the way.

Appreciate Your New Space

Take a day or two to appreciate your new home. Think about how much better it is than the old space.

You are going to love your new home, especially if you aren’t stressed out when you first arrive there.