4 Ways to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

chocolate chip cookiesMoving can be a traumatic experience for  many people, especially for children and pets who may be uprooted from the only home they have ever known.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to start putting down roots beginning from the very first moment you arrive at your new place.

Here are four fast and easy ways to make your new place feel like home.

Fill the Home with Comforting Smells

Many new homes smell like wet paint, new carpet or other common construction odors. Mask these right away by baking cookies or cooking your favorite recipe on the first day you arrive.

Your family will feel more at ease in your new place if there are non-verbal cues — such as anxiety-reducing aromas — to make them feel more comfortable.

Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

A home is often more than four walls and a roof: It’s an entire community in which you live.

Before you even unpack your things, knock on the doors of your closest neighbors and introduce yourself. Be friendly and outgoing and make sure to mention how happy you are to be there.

Keep an Upbeat Attitude

Your children and other family members will often take their emotional cues from you. So if your are down or unhappy, they will be as well.

Set the right tone by keeping an upbeat attitude throughout the moving process. Not only will it make everybody feel better, but it will make the time and hard work pass more quickly.

Give Everybody Their Own Space

If your new home is large enough, allow your kids to pick out their own room. Set aside a space that is especially for your pet.

Putting down roots is an important part of moving into a new space. Use these four techniques to get settled into your new home starting from the very first day and you can create a comfortable, nurturing environment for everybody in your family.